List of Books for Review Requests

This is a basically a list of all the books I have. That does not automatically mean that I have read them all, but in more than 95% of the titles this will be the case. As this list is a copy of my personal list and I have read many works in their Dutch translation or are works of Dutch origin, some titles will still be in Dutch. I will replace them with English titles over time if I find existing English versions.

Review requests can be mailed to I will let you know immediately if I will add a review for the book. In certain cases I may decide not to add the review as I have not read the book yet or, in most cases, it has been too long ago for me to remember sufficient details to write a decent review. I have a good memory, but not every book is remembered as well. Titles in italic script have already been reviewed.

Joe Abercrombie The blade itself 2006
Joe Abercrombie Before they are hanged 2007
Joe Abercrombie Last argument of kings 2008
Joe Abercrombie Best served cold 2009
Daniel Abraham A shadow in summer 2006
Daniel Abraham A betrayal in winter 2007
Daniel Abraham An autumn war 2008
Daniel Abraham The price of spring 2009
Douglas Adams The hitchhiker's guide to the galaxy 1979
Douglas Adams The restaurant at the end of the universe 1980
Douglas Adams Life, the universe and everything 1982
Richard Adams Shardik 1974
Richard Adams Maia 1984
Aisin-Gioro Pu Yi From emperor to citizen 1965
Brian Aldiss Helliconia spring 1983
Brian Aldiss Helliconia summer 1983
Brian Aldiss Helliconia winter 1985
Dante Alighieri The divine comedy 1320
Kingsley Amis Lucky Jim 1953
Isaac Asimov Pebble in the sky 1950
Isaac Asimov Foundation 1951
Isaac Asimov The stars, like dust 1951
Isaac Asimov Foundation and empire 1952
Isaac Asimov The currents of space 1952
Isaac Asimov The caves of steel 1953
Isaac Asimov Second Foundation 1953
Isaac Asimov The naked sun 1957
Isaac Asimov & Robert Silverberg Nightfall 1969
Isaac Asimov The gods themselves 1972
Isaac Asimov Foundation's edge 1982
Isaac Asimov The robots of dawn 1983
Isaac Asimov Robots and empire 1985
Isaac Asimov Foundation and Earth 1986
Isaac Asimov Prelude to Foundation 1986
Anselm Audley Heresy 2001
Anselm Audley Inquisition 2002
Anselm Audley Crusade 2003
Jane Austen Sense and sensibility 1811
Jane Austen Pride and prejudice 1813
Jane Austen Mansfield Park 1814
Jane Austen Emma 1815
Jane Austen Northanger Abbey 1817
Jane Austen Persuasion 1817
Jane Austen Lady Susan 1871
Babur Nama Journal of Emperor Babur 1530
R. Scott Bakker The darkness that comes before 2003
R. Scott Bakker The warrior-prophet 2004
R. Scott Bakker The thousandfold thought 2006
R. Scott Bakker The judging eye 2009
James Baldwin If Beale Street could talk 1974
Jim G. Ballard Hello America 1981
James Barclay Dawnthief 1999
James Barclay Noonshade 2000
James Barclay NightChild 2001
James Barclay Elfsorrow 2002
James Barclay ShadowHeart 2003
James Barclay DemonStorm 2004
James Barclay Cry of the newborn 2005
James Barclay Shout for the dead 2006
Clive Barker Weaveworld 1987
Clive Barker The great and secret show 1989
Clive Barker Imajica 1991
Clive Barker Everville 1994
Battus Opperlandse taal- en letterkunde 1981
Greg Bear Eternity 1987
Greg Bear Heads 1990
Gregory Benford Great sky river 1987
Gregory Benford Sailing bright eternity 1995
Giovanni Boccaccio Decamerone 1349
Ferdinand Bordewijk Karakter 1938
Marion Zimmer Bradley Stormqueen 1978
Marion Zimmer Bradley Hawkmistress 1982
Marion Bradley The firebrand 1987
M. Bradley, J. May, A. Norton The black trillium 1990
Charlotte Brontë Jane Eyre 1847
Emily Brontë Wuthering Heights 1847
Jeroen Brouwers Bezonken rood 1981
Herman Brusselmans De terugkeer van Bonanza 1995
Herman Brusselmans Guggenheimer wast witter 1996
Herman Brusselmans Uitgeverij Guggenheimer 1999
Adrian Cole & Chris Bunch The far kingdoms 1993
Chris Bunch The seer king 1997
Chris Bunch The demon king 1999
Edgar Rice Burroughs Princess of Mars 1912
Edgar Rice Burroughs Gods of Mars 1913
Jim Butcher Storm front 2000
Jim Butcher Fool moon 2001
Jim Butcher Grave peril 2001
Jim Butcher Summer knight 2002
Jim Butcher Death masks 2003
Jim Butcher Blood rites 2004
Jim Butcher Furies of Calderon 2004
Jim Butcher Dead beat 2005
Jim Butcher Academ’s fury 2005
Jim Butcher Proven guilty 2006
Jim Butcher Cursor’s fury 2006
Jim Butcher White night 2007
Jim Butcher Captain’s fury 2007
Alvar Nunez Cabeza de Vaca The shipwrecked men 1527
Gaius Julius Caesar The Gallic war 51 BC
Gaius Julius Caesar Civil war (de bello civili) 47 BC
Alan Campbell Scar night 2006
Alan Campbell Iron angel 2008
Alan Campbell God of clocks 2009
Orson Scott Card Ender's game 1985
Orson Scott Card Speaker for the dead 1986
Orson Scott Card Seventh son 1987
Orson Scott Card Red prophet 1988
Orson Scott Card Prentice Alvin 1989
Orson Scott Card Children of the mind 1996
Lewis Carroll Alice’s adventures in wonderland 1865
Lewis Carroll Through the looking-glass 1872
Michael Chabon The secrets of Pittsburgh 1988
Michael Chabon Wonderboys 1995
Michael Chabon The amazing adventures of Kavalier & Clay 2000
Michael Chabon The Yiddish policemen’s union 2007
Michael Chabon Gentlement of the road 2007
Robert N. Charrette Timespell 1996
Robert N. Charrette Eye of the serpent 1996
Robert N. Charrette Wizard of bones 1997
Agatha Christie Five little pigs 1941
Agatha Christie The moving finger 1942
Agatha Christie Death comes at the end 1945
Agatha Christie Taken at the flood 1948
Agatha Christie They do it with mirrors 1952
Arthur C. Clarke The song of distant Earth 1986
Susanna Clarke Jonathan Strange & Mr. Norrell 2004
Hugo Claus De Metsiers 1950
Adrian Cole Oblivion hand 2001
Eoin Colfer Artemis Fowl 2001
Eoin Colfer The Arctic Incident 2002
Joseph Conrad Heart of darkness 1917
James Cook The journals 1779
Louis Couperus Eline Vere 1889
Louis Couperus The silent force 1900
L. Dean James Kingslayer 1992
Leo the Deacon The history 980
Don DeLillo Underworld 1997
Bernal Diaz The conquest of New Spain 1580
Philip K. Dick The man in the high castle 1962
Sir A. Conan Doyle Sherlock Holmes Complete 1 1985
Sir A. Conan Doyle Sherlock Holmes Complete 2 1985
Sir A. Conan Doyle The unknown adventerus of Sherlock Holmes 1987
Margaret Drabble The millstone 1965
Stephen Donaldson Lord Foul's bane 1977
Stephen Donaldson The illearth war 1977
Stephen Donaldson The power that preserves 1977
Stephen Donaldson The mirror of her dreams 1986
Stephen Donaldson A man rides through 1987
Stephen Donaldson The Gap into conflict: The real story 1991
F.M. Dostojewski Crime and punishment 1866
Sara Douglass Battleaxe 1995
Sara Douglass Enchanter 1996
Sara Douglass Starman 1996
Alexandre Dumas The three musketeers 1844
Alexandre Dumas The count of Monte-Cristo 1846
Dave Duncan Magic encasement 1990
Dave Duncan Faery lands forlorn 1991
Dave Duncan Perilous seas 1991
Dave Duncan Emperor and clown 1991
Dave Duncan The cutting edge 1992
Dave Duncan The stricken field 1993
Dave Duncan The living god 1994
Hal Duncan Vellum 2005
Hal Duncan Ink 2007
David Anthony Durham The war with the Mein 2008
Umberto Eco The name of the rose 1980
Umberto Eco Foucoult's pendulum 1987
David Eddings The diamond throne 1989
David Eddings De ruby knight 1990
David Eddings The sapphire rose 1991
David Eddings Domes of fire 1992
David Eddings The shining ones 1993
David Eddings The hidden city 1994
E.R. Eddison The worm Ouroboros 1926
Phyllis Eistenstein Alaric 1978
Anna Enquist De ijsdragers 2002
Steven Erikson Gardens of the moon 1999
Steven Erikson Deadhouse gates 2000
Steven Erikson Memories of ice 2001
Steven Erikson House of chains 2002
Steven Erikson Midnight tides 2004
Steven Erikson The bonehunters 2006
Steven Erikson Reaper’s gale 2007
Steven Erikson Toll the hounds 2008
Steven Erikson Dust of dreams 2009
Ian C. Esslemont Night of knives 2005
Ian C. Esslemont Return of the Crimson Guard 2008
Wolfram von Eschenbach Parzival 1220
Christopher Evans Capella's golden eyes 1980
Jude Fisher Sorcery rising 2002
Jude Fisher Wild magic 2003
Jude Fisher The rose of the world 2005
Flavius Josephus The Jewish war 74
Flavius Josephus Antiquities of the Jews 94
Ken Follet The eye of the needle 1977
C. S. Friedman Black sun rising 1991
C. S. Friedman When true night falls 1993
C. S. Friedman Crown of shadows 1995
Jane Gaskell The serpent 1963
Jane Gaskell The dragon 1963
Jane Gaskell Atlan 1965
Jane Gaskell The city 1966
Jane Gaskell Some summer lands 1977
David Gemmell Ironhand’s daughter 1995
David Gemmell The hawk eternal 1995
David Gemmell Sword in the storm 2001
David Gemmell Midnight falcon 1999
David Gemmell Ravenheart 2001
David Gemmell Stormrider 2002
Mary Gentle Ash: A secret history 1999
Wim Gijssen De eersten van Rissan 1980
Wim Gijssen De koningen van weleer 1981
Wim Gijssen Iskander de dromendief 1982
Wim Gijssen Het Huis van de Wolf 1983
Wim Gijsen De dromenwever 1988
Wim Gijsen Een kring van stenen 1989
Wim Gijsen Het groene eiland 1990
Wim Gijsen De ceders van Urtan 1991
Nicolai Gogol Dead souls 1885
Terry Goodkind Blood of the fold 1996
Maxim Gorki My childhood 1905
Graham Greene The power and the glory 1940
Gregorius van Tours Histories 594
Hella S. Haasse Oeroeg 1948
Peter Hamilton The reality dysfunction 1996
Peter Hamilton The neutronium alchemyst 1997
Peter Hamilton The naked god 1999
Harry Harrison A transatlantic tunnel, hurrah! 1972
Harry Harrison Star smashers of the galaxy rangers 1973
Tom de Haven Walker of worlds 1990
Tom de Haven The end-of-everything man 1991
Tom de Haven The last human 1992
A.F.Th. v.der Heijden De sandwich 1986
Robert A. Heinlein Revolt in 2100 1953
Robert A. Heinlein Stranger in a strange land 1961
Joseph Heller Catch-22 1961
Ernest Hemingway The sun also rises 1927
Ernest Hemingway A farewell to arms 1929
Brian Herbert The Butlerian jihad 2002
Frank Herbert Dune 1965
Frank Herbert The green brain 1966
Frank Herbert Death of an immortal 1967
Frank Herbert Duin Messiah 1969
Frank Herbert The God makers 1972
Frank Herbert Children of Dune 1976
Frank Herbert The Dosadi-experiment 1978
Frank Herbert God-emperor on Dune 1981
Frank Herbert Heretics of Dune 1984
Frank Herbert Chapterhouse Dune 1985
Frank & Brian Herbert & K. Anderson The way to Duin 2006
W.F. Hermans Herinneringen van een engelbewaarder 1971
Herodotos Histories 430 BC
Hesiodos Theogony + Work and days 700 BC
Susan Hill I'm the king of the castle 1970
Robert Holdstock Mythago wood 1984
Robert Holdstock Lavondyss 1988
Robert Holdstock The hollowing 1994
Homeros Ilias & Odyssea 800 BC
Robert E. Howard Almuric 1975
Robert E. Howard The people of the Black Circle 2000
Robert E. Howard The hour of the dragon 2001
Robert E. Howard Kull – Exile of Atlantis 2006
Aldous Huxley Brave new world 1932
Ian Irvine The shadow on the glass 1998
Ian Irvine The tower on the rift 1998
Ian Irvine Dark is the moon 1998
Ian Irvine The way between the worlds 1999
Ian Irvine Geomancer 2001
Ian Irvine Tetrarch 2002
Ian Irvine Alchymist 2003
Ian Irvine Chimaera 2004
Ian Irvine Fate of the fallen 2006
Ian Irvine The curse on the chosen 2007
Ian Irvine The destiny of the dead 2008
Henry James The turn of the screw 1898
Mike Jefferies Shadowlight 1988
J.V. Jones The baker’s boy 1995
J.V. Jones A man betrayed 1996
J.V. Jones Master and fool 1996
J.V. Jones A cavern of black ice 1999
J.V. Jones A fortress of grey ice 2002
J.V. Jones A sword from red ice 2007
Robert Jordan The eye of the world 1990
Robert Jordan The great hunt 1990
Robert Jordan The dragon reborn 1992
Robert Jordan The shadow rising 1992
Robert Jordan Fires from heaven 1992
Robert Jordan Lord chaos 1992
Robert Jordan A crown of swords 1996
Robert Jordan The path of daggers 1998
Robert Jordan Heart of winter 2000
Robert Jordan Crossroads of twilight 2003
Robert Jordan A new spring 2004
Robert Jordan Knife of dreams 2005
Robert Jordan & Brandon Sanderson The gathering storm 2009
James Joyce Dubliners 1914
James Joyce A portrait of the artist as a young man 1916
James Joyce Ulysses 1922
Franz Kafka The trial 1925
Franz Kafka The castle 1926
Franz Kafka Amerika 1927
Colin Kapp The dark mind 1964
Guy Gavriel Kay Tigana 1990
Katharine Kerr Daggerspell 1986
Katharine Kerr Darkspell 1987
Katharine Kerr The bristling wood 1989
Katharine Kerr The dragon revenant 1990
Katharine Kerr A time of war 1993
Mensje van Keulen Bleekers zomer 1972
Stephen King The gunslinger 1982
Stephen King & Peter Straub The talisman 1984
Stephen King The drawing of the three 1987
Stephen King The waste lands 1991
Stephen King Wizard and glass 1997
Stephen King Wolves of the Calla 2003
Stephen King Song of Susannah 2004
Stephen King The dark tower 2004
Russell Kirkpatrick Across the face of the world 2002
Russell Kirkpatrick In the earth abides the flame 2004
Russell Kirkpatrick The right hand of god 2005
Anna Komnene The Alexiad 1148
Anton Koolhaas Vanwege een tere huid 1973
Dean R. Koontz The mask 1981
Dean R. Koontz The bad place 1990
Rutger Kopland Alles op de fiets 1969
Jerzy Kosinski Being there 1970
Elizabeth Kostova The historian 2005
F. Pohl & C. Kornbluth Wolfbane 1959
M Kube McDowell & I Asimov Odyssea 1985
Milan Kundera The unbareable lightness of being 1984
Mercedes Lackey Arrows of the queen 1987
Mercedes Lackey Winds of change 1993
Mercedes Lackey The black gryphon 1994
D.H. Lawrence Lady Chatterly's lover 1928
T.E. Lawrence Seven pillars of wisdom 1926
Adam Lee The dark shore 1996
Adam Lee The shadow eater 1998
Tanith Lee The birthgrave 1977
Tanith Lee The storm lord 1977
Tanith Lee Shadowfire 1978
Tanith Lee Quest for the white witch 1978
Tanith Lee Night's master 1978
Tanith Lee Death's master 1979
Tanith Lee Delusion's master 1981
Tanith Lee Anackire 1983
Tanith Lee Delirium's mistress 1985
Tanith Lee Night's sorceries 1987
Tanith Lee The white serpent 1988
Ursula LeGuin A wizard of Earthsea 1968
Ursula LeGuin The tombs of Atuan 1970
Ursula LeGuin The farthest shore 1972
Ursula LeGuin Tehanu 1990
Fritz Leiber Swords against wizardy 1968
Fritz Leiber The swords of Lankhmar 1968
Fritz Leiber Swords in the mist 1968
Fritz Leiber Swords against death 1970
Fritz Leiber Swords and deviltry 1970
Fritz Leiber Swords and ice magic 1977
Fritz Leiber Farewell to Lankhmar 1989
Doris Lessing The grass is singing 1950
Ira Levin A kiss before dying 1953
Ira Levin This perfect day 1970
Ira Levin The Stepford wives 1972
Ira Levin The boys from Brazil 1976
John Linden Ring van vuur 1996
Titus Livius Sinds de stichting van de Stad 17
Titus Livius Hannibal voor de poorten 17
Titus Livius Vrijheid voor de Grieken 17
Tom Lloyd The stormcaller 2006
Tom Lloyd The twilight herald 2007
Tom Lloyd The grave thief 2008
Scott Lynch The lies of Locke Lamora 2006
Scott Lynch Red seas under red skies 2007
Nagieb Mahfoez In een roes op de Nijl 1966
Ammianus Marcellinus The Later Roman Empire 390
John Marco The grand design 2000
Gabriel Garcia Marquez One hundred years solitude 1967
H. Marsman Verzamelde gedichten 1939
George R.R. Martin A game of thrones 1996
George R.R. Martin A clash of kings 1999
George R.R. Martin A storm of swords 2000
George R. R. Martin A feast for crows 2005
W.J. Maryson Sperling 1998
W.J. Maryson Emaendor 1998
W.J. Maryson Vloch 1998
W.J. Maryson Fiander 1999
W.J. Maryson Rastoth 2000
W.J. Maryson Het boek van kennis 2001
Vladimir Maximov In quarantaine 1894
Julian May The many-coloured land 1981
Julian May The golden torc 1982
Julian May The nonborn king 1983
Julian May The adversary 1984
Julian May Intervention 1987
Julian May Jack the bodiless 1991
Julian May Diamond mask 1994
Julian May Magnificat 1995
Julian May Perseus spur 1998
Julian May Orion arm 1999
Julian May Sagittarius whorl 2001
R.A. McAvoy The lens of the world 1990
Anne McCaffrey Dragonquest 1971
Anne McCaffrey All the weyrs of Pern 1991
Colleen McCullough The first man in Rome 1990
Colleen McCullough The grass crown 1991
Colleen McCullough Fortune's favorites 1993
Ian McEwan The cement garden 1978
Jay McInerney Bright lights, big city 1984
Fiona McIntosh Myrren’s gift 2003
Fiona McIntosh Blood and memory 2004
Fiona McIntosh Bridge of souls 2004
Dennis L. McKiernan The dark tide 1984
Dennis L. McKiernan Shadows of doom 1984
Dennis L. McKiernan The darkest day 1984
Dennis L. McKiernan Trek to Kraggen-Cor 1986
Dennis L. McKiernan The dragonstone 1997
Dennis L. McKiernan Into the fire 1998
Patricia McKillip The riddlemaster or Hed 1976
Patricia McKillip Heir of sea and fire 1977
Patricia McKillip Harpist in the wind 1979
Lois McMaster Bujold Shards of honor 1986
Lois McMaster Bujold The warrior’s apprentice 1986
Lois McMaster Bujold Ethan of Athos 1986
Lois McMaster Bujold Falling free 1988
Lois McMaster Bujold The mountains of mourning 1989
Lois McMaster Bujold Labyrinth 1989
Lois McMaster Bujold The Vor game 1990
Lois McMaster Bujold Barrayar 1991
Lois McMaster Bujold Cetaganda 1996
Lois McMaster Bujold Memory 1996
Lois McMaster Bujold Diplomatic immunity 2002
China Miéville The scar 2002
China Miéville Iron council 2004
China Miéville The city & the city 2009
R&R Miller & D. Wingrove Myst 1995
Michael Moorcock The jewel in the skull 1967
Michael Moorcock The mad god’s amulet 1968
Michael Moorcock The sword of the dawn 1968
Michael Moorcock The runestaff 1967
Michael Moorcock Elric: The stealer of souls 2008
Michael Moorcock Elric: To rescue Tanelorn 2008
Michael Moorcock Elric: The sleeping sorceress 2008
Michael Moorcock Duke Elric 2009
Michael Moorcock Elric: In the dream realms 2009
Harry Mulisch Twee vrouwen 1975
Harry Mulisch Het theater de brief en de waarheid 2000
Nescio De uitvreter/Titaantjes/Dichtertje 1933
L. Niven & J. Pournelle Inferno 1976
Larry Niven Ringworld 1970
Larry Niven The ringworld engineers 1980
Larry Niven The integral trees 1983
Larry Niven The smoke ring 1987
Larry Niven Ringworld's children 2004
Garth Nix Sabriel 1995
Garth Nix Lirael 2001
Garth Nix Abhorsen 2003
Garth Nix Over the wall 2005
Cees Nooteboom Philip en de anderen 1955
Cees Nooteboom Rituelen 1980
Kevin O'Donnell Ora:cle 1983
George Orwell Animal farm 1945
George Orwell 1984 1949
Publius Ovidius Naso Metamorphoses 8
Mervyn Peake Titus Groan 1946
Mervyn Peake Gormenghast 1949
Mervyn Peake Titus Alone 1959
Samuel Pepys The Consise Pepys diary 1669
Ellis Peters One corpse too many 1979
Ellis Peters The leper of St. Giles 1981
Ellis Peters The pilgrim of hate 1984
Ricardo Pinto The chosen 1999
Ricardo Pinto The standing dead 2002
Ricardo Pinto The third god 2009
Ploutarchos Famous Greeks 120
Ploutarchos Famous Romans 120
A.S. Poesjkin The queen of spades 1881
Marco Polo The travels 1300
Polybios Worldhistory 120 BC
Terry Pratchett The dark side of the sun 1976
Terry Pratchett Strata 1981
Terry Pratchett The colour of magic 1983
Terry Pratchett The light fantastic 1986
Terry Pratchett Equal rites 1987
Terry Pratchett Mort 1987
Terry Pratchett Sourcery 1988
Terry Pratchett Wyrd sisters 1988
Terry Pratchett Pyramids 1989
Terry Pratchett Moving pictures 1989
Terry Pratchett Reaper man 1991
Terry Pratchett Witches abroad 1991
Terry Pratchett Small gods 1992
Terry Pratchett Men at arms 1993
Terry Pratchett Johnny and the dead 1993
Terry Pratchett Interesting times 1994
Terry Pratchett Maskerade 1995
Terry Pratchett Feet of clay 1996
Terry Pratchett Hogfather 1996
Terry Pratchett Jingo 1997
Terry Pratchett Carpe Jugulum 1998
Terry Pratchett Night watch 2002
Michael Psellus Fourteen Byzantine rulers 1078
Philip Pullman Northern lights 1995
Philip Pullman The subtle knife 1997
Philip Pullman The amber spyglass 2000
Melanie Rawn The ruins of Ambrai 1994
Melanie Rawn The mageborn traitor 1997
Mickey Zucker Reichter Beyond Ragnarok 1995
Gerard Reve De avonden 1947
Joao Ubaldo Ribeiro An invincible memory 1984
Keith Robertson Pavane 1966
K. S. Robinson Red Mars 1993
K. S. Robinson Green Mars 1994
Kim Stanley Robinson Blue Mars 1996
Micheal Scott Rohan The anvil of the ice 1986
Michael Scott Rohan The forge in the forest 1987
Michael Scott Rohan The hammer of the sun 1988
Thomas Rosenboom Spitzen 2004
Patrick Rothfuss The name of the wind 2007
J.K. Rowling Harry Potter and the philosopher’s stone 1997
J.K. Rowling Harry Potter and the chamber of secrets 1998
J.K. Rowling Harry Potter and the prisoner of Azkaban 1999
J.K. Rowling Harry Potter and the goblet of fire 2000
J.K. Rowling Harry Potter and the order of the phoenix 2003
J.K. Rowling Harry Potter and the half-blood prince 2005
J.K. Rowling Harry Potter and the deathly hallows 2007
Brian Ruckley Winterbirth 2006
Salman Rushdie Fury 2001
J.D. Salinger The catcher in the rye 1945
Brandon Sanderson Elantris 2005
Brandon Sanderson Mistborn 2006
Brandon Sanderson The well of ascension 2007
Brandon Sanderson The hero of ages 2008
Brandon Sanderson Warbreaker 2009
Arthur van Schendel Het fregatschip Johanna Maria 1930
Walter Scott Ivanhoe 1819
Robert Silverberg Lord Valentine's castle 1979
Robert Silverberg Majipoor chronicles 1981
Robert Silverberg Valentine pontifex 1983
Robert Silverberg The mountains of Majipoor 1995
Robert Silverberg Sorcerers of Majipoor 1999
Robert Silverberg Lord Prestimion 1999
Robert Silverberg The king of dreams 2000
Dan Simmons Hyperion 1989
Dan Simmons The fall of Hyperion 1990
Dan Simmons Endymion 1995
Dan Simmons The rise of Endymion 1997
J. Slauerhoff Het verboden rijk 1932
J. Slauerhoff Het leven op aarde 1934
E.E. ‘Doc’ Smith The skylark of space 1928
E.E. ‘Doc’ Smith Skylark Three 1930
E.E. ‘Doc’ Smith Skylark of Valeron 1934
E.E. ‘Doc’ Smith Triplanetary 1934
E.E. ‘Doc’ Smith Galactic Patrol 1937
E.E. ‘Doc’ Smith Second stage lensman 1941
E.E. ‘Doc’ Smith Children of the lens 1947
E.E. ‘Doc’ Smith First Lensman 1950
E.E. ‘Doc’ Smith Gray Lensman 1951
E.E. ‘Doc’ Smith Masters of the Vortex 1960
E.E. ‘Doc’ Smith Skylark DuQuesne 1960
Micheal Swanwick Vacuum flowers 1987
John Steinbeck Of Mice and Men 1937
Andrew Stephenson Nightwatch 1977
Neal Stephenson Cryptonomicon 1999
Neal Stephenson Quicksilver 2003
Neal Stephenson The confusion 2004
Neal Stephenson The system of the world 2004
Neal Stephenson Anathem 2008
Robert L. Stevenson The strange case of Dr. Jekyll & Mr. Hyde 1885
Mary Stewart The crystal cave 1970
Mary Stewart The hollow hills 1973
Mary Stewart The last enchantment 1979
Gaius Suetonius Tranquillus Emperors of Rome 127
Patrick Süskind The perfume 1985
Publius Cornelius Tacitus The life of Agricola 89
Publius Cornelius Tacitus Annals 117
Publius Cornelius Tacitus Histories 117
Donna Tartt De verborgen geschiedenis 1992
Theophanes The chronicle 815
Theo Thijssen De gelukkige klas 1926
Thucydides History of the Peloponnesian War 400 BC
J.R.R. Tolkien The hobbit 1937
J.R.R. Tolkien The lord of the rings 1956
J.R.R. Tolkien The Silmarillion 1977
J.R.R. Tolkien Unfinished tales 1980
I.S. Toergenjev De drie portretten 1884
Leo Tolstoy War & peace 1869
Leo Tolstoy The Kreutzer-sonata 1876
Leo Tolstoy Anna Karenina 1878
A.P. Tsjechov The bride 1879
George Turner Vaneglory 1982
Harry Turtledove The misplaced legion 1987
Harry Turtledove An emperor for the legion 1987
Jack Vance The dying earth 1950
Jack Vance The Kokod-warriors 1950
Jack Vance The fiv gold bands 1950
Jack Vance Big planet 1952
Jack Vance The vandals of the void 1954
Jack Vance Living forever 1956
Jack Vance The languages of Pao 1957
Jack Vance Magnus Ridolph 1958
Jack Vance The dragon masters 1962
Jack Vance The star king 1963
Jack Vance The killing machine 1964
Jack Vance The houses of Iszm 1964
Jack Vance Space opera 1965
Jack Vance The eyes of the overworld 1966
Jack Vance Blue world 1966
Jack Vance The palace of love 1967
Jack Vance The man from Zodiac 1967
Jack Vance City of the Chasch 1968
Jack Vance Emphyrio 1969
Jack Vance Servants of the Wankh 1969
Jack Vance The Dirdir 1969
Jack Vance The Pnume 1970
Jack Vance The Anome 1971
Jack Vance The brave free men 1972
Jack Vance Trullion 1973
Jack Vance The Asutra 1973
Jack Vance The gray prince 1974
Jack Vance Marune 1975
Jack Vance Showboat world 1975
Jack Vance The machines of Maz 1975
Jack Vance Maske: Thaery 1976
Jack Vance Wyst 1978
Jack Vance The face 1979
Jack Vance Slaves of the Klau 1980
Jack Vance Son of the tree 1980
Jack Vance The books of dream 1981
Jack Vance Cugel's saga 1983
Jack Vance Suldrun's garden 1983
Jack Vance Rhialto the marvellous 1984
Jack Vance The green pearl 1985
Jack Vance Araminta station 1987
Jack Vance Madouc 1990
Jack Vance Ecce and Old Earth 1990
Jack Vance Throy 1992
Jack Vance Night lamp 1996
Jack Vance Ports of call 1998
Jack Vance Lurulu 2004
John Varley The Ophiuchi hotline 1977
John Varley Wizard 1980
M. Vasalis Parken en woestijnen 1940
Vergilius Aeneis 10 BC
Simon Vestdijk Terug tot Ina Damman 1934
Simon Vestdijk Meneer Visser’s hellevaart 1936
Simon Vestdijk Sint Sebastiaan 1939
Simon Vestdijk Ierse nachten 1946
Simon Vestdijk Surrogaten voor Murk Tuinstra 1948
Simon Vestdijk De andere school 1949
Simon Vestdijk De beker van de min 1957
Simon Vestdijk De vrije vogel en zijn kooien 1958
Simon Vestdijk De rimpels van Esther Ornstein 1959
Simon Vestdijk De laatste kans 1960
A.E. van Vogt The world of Null-A 1945
A.E. van Vogt The players of Null-A 1948
A.E. van Vogt Empire of the atom 1956
A.E. van Vogt The wizard of Linn 1962
A.E. van Vogt Future glitter 1973
A.E. van Vogt Null-A Three 1984
Evelyn Waugh The loved one 1948
M. Weis & T. Hickman Dragons of autumn twilight 1984
M. Weis & T. Hickman Dragons of winter night 1985
M. Weis & T. Hickman Dragons of spring dawning 1985
M. Weis & T. Hickman Time of the twins 1986
M. Weis & T. Hickman War of the twins 1986
M. Weis & T. Hickman Test of the twins 1986
M. Weis & T. Hickman Forging the darksword 1987
M. Weis & T. Hickman Doom of the darksword 1988
M. Weis & T. Hickman Triumph of the darksword 1988
M. Weis & T. Hickman The will of the wanderer 1988
M. Weis & T. Hickman Paladin of the night 1989
M. Weis & T. Hickman The prophet of Akhran 1989
M. Weis & T. Hickman Dragon wing 1990
M. Weis & T. Hickman Elven star 1990
M. Weis & T. Hickman Fire sea 1990
M. Weis & T. Hickman Serpent mage 1992
M. Weis & T. Hickman The hand of chaos 1993
M. Weis & T. Hickman Into the labyrinth 1993
M. Weis & T. Hickman The seventh gate 1993
M. Weis & T. Hickman Legacy of the darksword 1997
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